Current members:

L-R: La Tanya Carmical, Sandy Mills, Nina Roberts, Charlene Gumbs, Shawn Nealy-Oparah, Mar Stevens
(kneeling) Jillian Lyles, Mya Cross

"Rock Stars"

The Sistahs have been asked to come back and share our rhythms during the Sunday service at Lakeshore Avenue Baptist Church. The Musical Director, Mikki Boyd, referred to us as "rock stars" when I expressed our appreciation for being asked back so soon. We look forward to celebrating the joy of Spirit and the joy we feel when we play.

Following the service, we will facilitate a forum on the history of the drums, poly rhythms, the healing aspect of drumming and/or whatever else folks want to know and experience.

Join us:

10:00 AM

February 7, 2010

3534 Lakeshore Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610