Current members:

L-R: La Tanya Carmical, Sandy Mills, Nina Roberts, Charlene Gumbs, Shawn Nealy-Oparah, Mar Stevens
(kneeling) Jillian Lyles, Mya Cross

Sistahs boomin' in the streets


I had an amazing and exciting experience this weekend at SF Pride Dyke March. I marched and played tambourine with women drummers of Sistah Boom, expertly guided by master drummer, Carolyn Brandy.

We were the last group to perform on stage before marching. Picture thousands of Lesbians, Gays, Transgender, and straight people gathered at Delores Park. I looked out onto a sea of 50,000 people, dancing, gyrating, and bristling with anticipation for Dykes on Bikes to herald the beginning of the march.

After the performance we were swept along with the crowd to 18th Street where we took our places behind Dykes on Bikes. The roar of the motorcycles sent chills through my body. Then came the women, all shapes and sizes, clothed and unclothed, some bare-breasted and proud.

I didn’t think I could get any higher but as we marched to the tune, Mozambique, I heard the roar of the crowds from balconies and windows. Dancers and partying revelers joined our entourage and suddenly 25 women became 50. We fed off their energy and spirit and our music soared. We chanted for freedom, justice, peace and change.

It was a time for celebrating and being proud of our uniqueness and diversity. For one moment in time I felt total adoration and acceptance. The healing power of the drum transformed me, and all those who heard the rhythms. With open hearts we re-remembered the village where community sustains and supports.

Thank you Carolyn Brandy for your leadership and willingness to share your musical genius. Thank you to all my sisters of Sistah Boom for sharing a special moment.

In Sisterhood,

Sandy Mills